About our hospital

Our hospital is a general hospital that plays a central role in the community, with the philosophy of taking root in the community as "the hospital loves you first, and is loved".
We have established a system that makes it easy for local residents to visit hospitals with peace of mind, and enables early diagnosis and treatment.
Our hospital is located in Kita-ku, Tokyo, within easy reach of the nearest station, Higashi-jujo Station, and is conveniently located in central Tokyo as well as other prefectures.

The environment for providing a wide range of acute care is prepared, and highly specialized medical care is available.
There are many departments including cardiovascular medicine, neurosurgery, and hematology, which can provide appropriate medical care for various diseases.
We also conduct health checkups to provide "peace of mind, early detection, and early treatment".
Female technologists are also enrolled, and anyone can take the examination with ease.
If diseases are found, specialists in each field will treat them immediately.

As a designated secondary emergency hospital, we have established a system that enables us to respond quickly and accurately to emergency medical care regardless of night or holiday. We receive approximately 4700 ambulances and nearly 7300 emergency patients annually.
We will continue to aim for community-based emergency medicine.

About outpatient visits

internal medicine department

Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Gastroenterology, Diabetes Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Hematology

Surgical department

Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Breast Surgery, Anal Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Dermatology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology

Other departments

Anesthesiology (Pain Outpatient), Radiology, Rehabilitation

Speciality medical care

Blood Purification Therapy Center, Lower Extremity Varicose Vein Center, Cerebrovascular Treatment Consultation Outpatient, Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) Outpatient, Fever Outpatient

Medical service reception hours / office hours

  Reception hours Office hours
Monday to Friday 8:00〜12:00
(Return patient7:30〜12:00)
Saturday 8:00~12:00 8:00~12:30


Sundays, national holidays, New Year's holidays
※We have a 24 hour emergency system.
※The doctor in charge and consultation hours may be changed depending on circumstances.

First visit to our hospital

Please come to the general reception. We will use the translator to communicate and decide whether we can take care of you.

Revisit to a department you have visited previously

Please insert your "hospital ID card" into "the automated check-in machine" next to the front entrance to check-in.


By Rail

3 minute walk from "Higashi-jujo" station (JR Keihin Tohoku Line)
10 minute walk from "Oji-kamiya" station (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)
15 minute walk from "Jujo" station (JR Saikyo Line)

By Bus

Kokusai Kogyo Bus

3 minute walk from "Higashi-jujo 4 Chome" bus stop.

Directions from the Heart Island

Aka25 Route(赤25系統) Akabaneeki Nishiguchi, towards Akabaneeki Higashiguchi. 3 minutes from "Higashijujo 4 Chome" bus stop.

Directions from Nishi-Arai station/Daishi-mae station

Aka27 Nishiaraieki, towards Kannanakeiyu Akabaneeki Higashiguchi. 3 minutes from "Higashijujo 4 Chome". bus stop

Directions from Koenji station/Nogata station/Naka-Itabashi station

Aka31 Koenji Kitaguchi, towards Akabaneeki Higashiguchi Shouboushomae. 3 minutes from "Higashijujo 4 Chome" bus stop.

Directions from Kamiitabashi station/Tokiwadai station

O54 Kamiitabashieki, towards Ojieki. 3 minutes from "Higashijujo 4 Chome" bus stop

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